Sprig of Lilac: A Poetry Collection by Kelsey BigelowSprig Of Lilac

In her debut collection, Kelsey Bigelow combines grief and poetry to open a raw conversation about becoming a motherless daughter at a young age. Through multiple voices, she broadens the perspective to other forms of the grieving process



What do people think?

“It is a beautiful look into the mourning and healing process after the loss of a loved one. It is great for anyone who has experienced loss of a loved one, or for anyone who wants to better understand those going through it.”

“Reading Sprig of Lilac was heart wrenching … beautiful. Taking in each word, I felt just how painstakingly you worked on this collection. Even still, in the end, I can only imagine how difficult the process must have been.”

“I had to stop several times because the hurt was visceral … I talked to my mother on the phone today. I told her that I love her. I always mean that when I say it. Today, I meant it even more.”



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